Our Favorite Restaurants in Brentwood

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Our Favorite Restaurants in Brentwood


Brentwood has a bad reputation when it comes to easting due to its super rich population of calorie conscious soccer moms. But if you know where to look, you will find some exemplary eateries in the city. There is no shortage of food scenes that will cause mouths to drool.  Granted there is an overabundance of places pushing the organic, gluten-free, sustainable grub, but it is done in a style that caters to the diverse population as a result of the growing Brentwood real estate boom.

Top 3 Restaurants in Brentwood

3) Banderas: If you are looking for something that is definitely upscale with a relaxing atmosphere then Banderas if the place to be. A rich ambiance that only doubles the dining experience when combined with the live jazz music.

The generous sized bar situated in the middle of the venue with seating along the perimeter allows for ample comfortable seating with a modern but classic feel.

The staff is very welcoming and helpful and the food selection wide ranging. The queso appetizer delivers a creamy rich texture due to the blend of cheeses while the chips are warm, light and absolutely delicious to the last bite. The mouthwatering French dip simply melts in your mouth while the banana pie is great to round off the meal.


2) Katsuya: Named one of the “Best New Restaurants” by Travel & Leisure, Katsuya continues to grow in fame and earned the label of “50 Hottest Restaurants in the U.S.” from OpenTable. It has also been called the “Best Sushi Restaurant” in Southern California by the Los Angeles Times Readers’ Choice.

The eatery truly provides something for the senses to feast on by pairing Katsuya Uechi the Master Sushi Chef with Philippe Starck the leading design impresario. The Master Chef has unlimited skills when it comes to translating Japanese essences to the local palate. Everything from their specialty cocktails, to stunning sushi and sashimi platters are presented with style to appease the taste buds.


1) Farmshop: Owner and chef Jeff Cerciello has created an artisanal restaurant coupled with a market and bakery under one roof. The combination has become an established part of the local community and a favorite destination for foodies. This is why it has earned a spot on the list of the top 3 restaurants in Brentwood.

Offering foods that are sourced locally and serving from breakfast to dinner and everything in between, it has become a must visit spot for locals and tourists alike. The “farm-to-table” eatery is served in modish yet blasé atmosphere. By no means a cheap spot, that more than pays off in the form of its ambiance and service and not to mention “star sighting” probability.


There are hundreds of eateries in Brentwood serving everything from extravagant multi course meals and choices of alcohol that money can buy, to the most basic on the run joints. Selecting the top 3 restaurants in Brentwood is no easy task!