Entrepreneurs have shared on Collected.Reviews that you have to take steps to stay at the top of virtually everything that you do in business.

To do this in the digital age that we live in, you have to understand and appreciate the need for software. With certain software programs, doing business can get a lot easier for you and everyone in the business.

There are several software programs that can be used for different aspects of the business and it might be difficult to discuss all of them. However, we have decided to provide you with 5 commonly used software for business you should know and make use of as an entrepreneur.

1.      Mailchimp

As an entrepreneur, one of the most effective marketing strategies you will need to drive sales to your business is email marketing. To carry out email marketing, you will need to create an email list of possible prospects to your business. One free and reliable software that can be used for this Mailchimp. This software has a lot of user-friendly features that makes it the best option for creating an email list. On the free version of this software, you can register up to two thousand subscribers.

2.      Canva

We live in a world of images where people are more attracted to images than they are to plain texts. If you must convert more leads into sales as an entrepreneur, you will need some good looking graphic design. Canva is a simple to use software for creating amazing graphic design. There is no point worrying about how to go about making use of the software as there are guides to put you through the process.

3.      Google Docs

Another commonly used software that every entrepreneur should know and be using is Google Docs. This software presents a good way to create, save, and send documents from one person to another and from one business to another. With Google Docs, you can upload a document and share a link of that document with others. It is also a good place to store your documents as you can access it from any device in the instance that something goes wrong with your primary device.

4.      Zoom

In the technology world that we live in now, physical activities are now being replaced with virtual ones. As an entrepreneur, it might not be possible to assemble all your employees or business partners in a single location for a meeting. However, this can be made possible with the Zoom software. This audio and video conferencing software is being used by many businesses across the world today.

5.      Buffer

Creating a social media presence is very important for every business as there seems to be a larger percentage of internet users on social media. In maintaining your social media presence, you need to post regularly. Buffer is a software that can help your business schedule posts across different social media accounts. The interesting thing about this business software is that you can use the free version to schedule up to ten posts across three different business social media accounts.

It is not enough to know that these are the commonly used business software, you also have to get them and start using them to grow your business. Using any of this software will help you to work better, faster, and record more productivity.