The number of people that everyday go for trips, for business or personal reasons, always was high and in some periods actually it is increasing. However, one of the main questions that people always ask themselves before any trip is about financial issues, especially if they want to travel to another country with other currencies. So in this case, the main options for any traveler are using Card or using Cash; Traveling with so much cash can be dangerous in some cases and using Credit or Debit cards for travelers can be another issue with bank securities and high fees. Accordingly, with writing this article, we decided to inform travelers about the pros and cons of card and cash so it can be easier to make the best decision for the next trip.

Pros & Cons of Travel Card

Definitely, most of the people know some of the advantages of travel cards and maybe some negative facts about it; However for clarification, we will try shortly to mention some of these points. If we speak about pros of Travel Card, the first points that comes to mind are:

  1. Travel cards and other types of cards allow users to have multi currencies in the trips
  2. No problem about caring so much money, stolen and lost card can be replaced quickly
  3. Using Travel Card in place of Bank card can give more secure feeling to travelers
  4. The travel cards can be available and ordered by users in anytime
  5. It is easy to track the balance and transactions
  6. It allows users to use the best exchange rates

However when we speak about disadvantages of Travel Card, there are some points that maybe can be improved in future like:

  1. For having a travel cards or other types there are some fees
  2. For extra funds it can take some days to be in the account of user
  3. Not all places accept travel card, user need to carry some cash too

Pros & Cons of Cash

Writing about Cash’s advantages and disadvantages maybe can be easier not just for writer, but also for reader; it is easy to imagine such good points like:

  1. It is global and everywhere it is acceptable by any places
  2. It is possible to having cash by ordering it online in case of other currencies
  3. There are no extra fees and commissions for using cash

In negative side of the story about using cash, we can think about:

  1. Carrying so much cash can be unsafe and dangerous
  2. Cash simply can be easy victim in robbery
  3. It is hard to track you balance or spend money


In some cases, it is easy to plan trips and be ready for it; However, thinking about financial circumstances in a trip, can make the decision harder. The ideas of having a Travel card or caring cash, both sound nice but we can not say which one is the best option. Hopefully with this short article, making decisions will become easier for travelers.