It appears that terms like entrepreneurship, business ownership, and being a CEO are becoming increasingly romanticized, and many more people are willing to join the wagon just to show that they can take risks and be responsible for something. However, beyond the glamour that is portrayed, either by the media or by the misinformed individual, is that about one in every five business owners have no solid idea about what they are doing, or how their business will survive past the next quarter.

What are the things you need to know about business ownership before you even dabble into it? There is truism that business ownership goes beyond having a formal business plan; it involves having the right orientation, information and set out plans to achieve sustainable success in business. You should visit to learn more.

To this end, we have put together some important things to know about business ownership that can make your journey easier.

Business ownership is time-consuming

…well, until you build your business to the level where the system can run itself. Owning a business can be likened to nursing an infant: the first few weeks and months are usually a period of dependency. You want to be sure that you get the activities up and running, and to a particular level of efficiency before you even rest.

You will have to sacrifice your time, your children’s birthday parties, your wedding anniversaries, and even some vacations to ensure that your business is operational.

Business ownership is risky

How prepared are you to take risks? Since all the decisions will likely be on your head, there are times when you will have to make decisions blind, or without sufficient information. And sink or swim, it’s all on you. That is such a scary thought.

Business ownership will make you pinch pennies

Almost all the money you have will go into keeping your business afloat for the first few years of existence. Before you start enjoying the glam of being a business owner, you will have to sacrifice your luxuries and wants, and likely put every spare change into ensuring that your business survives and becomes capable of being operational.

Business ownership might involve several initial failures

Not everyone gets it right the first time around. As a business owner, do not be afraid to stop, research, redesign or re-strategize, and start again. You should not quit too soon, though, as you might be quitting just when you are about to have a positive break. However, you have to know when to cut your losses and go back to the drawing table.

Business ownership will require you to trust other people

You cannot do it alone? There will be a time when you will need other people to brainstorm with, to run your ideas through, and to stand in for you once in a while as you attend to other matters.

Business ownership can be a fulfilling endeavor, but it is also a tasking and gut-wrenching experience for anyone who goes in half-prepared. If you have stories about people that made it without going through any challenges, remember that an exception does not nullify the rule.