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Today, every individual does have a reaction and a way to deal with sadness. Research shows, some people can recover from the feeling of losing themselves after some time and when getting social support and healthy habits. The length is also different for each person. Some grieve in a matter of months or years.

Grieving the loss of the closest person does take time. But research also found that these conditions could also be a catalyst for a new chapter in life.

Here are five steps that can be taken to overcome the sadness due to the death of the closest person.

1. Talk about his death

Discussing the death of the closest person with friends around you helps to understand what happened and remember your friends and family. Denying it will only make you isolated and make it difficult for those around you to help overcome it.

2. Receive sad feelings

People experience a variety of emotions after the departure of the closest person. Sadness, anger, frustration, until the fatigue that arises, is normal.

3. Pay attention to yourself and family

Watch your food intake well, exercise and get adequate rest will help you live the day after the departure of a loved one and move on.

4. Visit and help people who are also losing

Helping others will make you feel better about yourself. Sharing stories about those who have left you also helps overcome grief.

5. Remember the good things of people who have died

You can donate to a charity that is favored by family members or closest people who have died. You can also display photos while enjoying a good time together, or give a child’s name by his name, and plant trees to remember it. You can choose any way to remember the figure.

If feelings of sadness still feel challenging to overcome, it never hurts to see a psychologist or other professionals who are qualified in the field of mental health.